Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dang it!

I complained on accident yesterday during my car ride up to Northern California, but I caught myself! The funny thing is that I can't even remember what it was I complained about. Anyways, I'm still concentrating and trying not to criticize, and I feel like it's going well.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Asking Nicely vs. Criticizing

It's tough to gauge, but I believe I'm doing a good job so far restraining myself from criticizing and complaining. I've been thoughtful when I want to complain to say it in a more conversational way, instead of "I'm ________" or "My _________ hurts" etc. (this isn't MadLibs though haha).
And as far as criticizing, I'm trying to find the balance between notifying somebody they did something wrong and criticizing. If I ask it in a nice way, for example, to please turn off the TV that was left on, is it still criticizing? I think it kind of is, but I need to re-read the chapter or think of a way that could make the person want to turn the TV off without me mentioning it... PERHAPS if I say something like: "Are you still watching TV?" Yeah, that sounds better to me, once I stop being annoyed that the person left the TV on haha. (just an example). Still working on chapter 1 over the weekend; my big test will be once I get back to my apartment.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

"If You Want to Gather Honey, Don't Kick Over the Beehive"

Today is the first day of my journey through Dale Carnegie's book "How to Win Friends and Influence People." Last night I read Chapter 1, and will try my best to put the principles into action in the next week or so.
Chapter 1, to me, is probably one of the most difficult, yet rewarding pieces of advice; the main point is:

People probably don't realize how often we do these things. I, for one, thoroughly enjoy criticizing people and complaining about something bad that happened to me, but now I will try to restrain myself. There are much better ways to talk to people instead of criticizing, and nobody likes to hear a complainer.
So I will keep documenting my struggles and experiences with this first chapter, until it's time to move on. Good luck to me!